Thanx very much for the reply.

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|Charlie Derr wrote:
|> My problem fits under this subject so i thought i'd hijack it :-]
|> I have redhat 6.1, and i've installed and gotten postgresql 7.0  working
|> okay (at least i can create tables at a psql prompt and insert data).
|> it failed with an error saying that libpq-fe.h and
|libpq/libpq-fs.h weren't
|> found
|Caveat: I'm running 6.5.2.  First, try running:
|   find /usr/include/ -name "libpq*"
|and see if it actually reports that you have those files present on
|your system.  You haven't said a lot (read: anything)

sorry about that.  I had first tried to install 6.5.3 using rpms, but hadn't
had success.  So i did an rpm -U for all that stuff and got things cleaned
out.   Then I downloaded the postgresql7.0.tar.gz file and proceeded
according to the instructions put forth by a Mr. Robert Easter in response
to a question from "Janet" on the pgsql [General] list last week (the
timestamp says it was sent Tues May 23, 2:54 am and i'm on the east coast of
the US).

I'm at work away from the machine i've got this set up on, so unfortunately
i'm not able to provide any more information at the moment.

|about how
|you installed postgresql, so I'm assuming that for whatever reason
|you may be missing your postgresql development environment (for the
|record, RedHat installs those include files in /usr/include/pgsql/,
|but you'll need the libraries as well).
|  Daryl Tester

        thanx so much for taking the time to respond,

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