Chris McDonough ponders:
|> Your method, in particular, is worse to understand than my
|> one-liner, specially for anyone who uses functional programming
|> seriously; but even other people would have to reason for a
|> few minutes to understand what you're appending to that poor
|> list and why.
|I can see that argument...  it depends on the reader, I suppose. I
|wouldn't complain much actually if the Python code had functional stuff
|in it.  It's having it in DTML that bugs me, for reasons that 
|have to do
|with separating HTML-like stuff from the stuff that actually runs the
|site under the hood.

I take your point, but it's making an assumption that map, filter, and lambda are 
going to be used for business logic.  In my case (see original topic) would you argue 
that what I'm trying to do is business logic or presentation?

As for HTML-like stuff vs. business stuff wrt to functional expressions: Do you object 
to CSS, XSLT, and XPath?

I think I can see why the ZoPerl discussion is so vociferous... ;]

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