Jerome Alet:

> > That seems like a lot of separate properties when all you need is 2.
> > 
> > 1. Start Time
> > 2. End Time
> > 
> > Both date properties. Then you can turn them into any format you want. 
> > (minutes/seconds/week of the year)
> OK, but now what I want to now is how to allow a the persons who will add
> events to the calendar to type in a datetime format. They are really dumb
> (I know I am dumb too). What I've made is two scroll list (four in fact),
> one for the hours from 00 to 23 and one for the minutes (00, 15, 30, 45).
> How can I convert my four input strings, to two datetime values of the
> same date but with  different times. 
You don't need to change you UI, just piece it together like so


<dtml-call "propertysheets.MyProperties.manage_changeProperties(
            start_date=REQUEST['passed_in_day']+' '+ REQUEST['begin_hour']
+ ':' + REQUEST['begin_minute'],
            end_date=...same stuff...

Zope will try to convert it to a date type for you.

> no event will be (until someone asks for it of course) accross multiple
> days. 

They never ask up front do they? :(

> What I'm planning to do is to put a link on each day number in the
> calendar if the user has the authorisation to modify, then this link will
> bring them to the GenericEvent_addForm passing it the current date as a
> parameter.
> >   Check out the DateTime formats here:
> >
> I'll look at this. I've printed this doc some days ago.
> > Yep, use a FieldIndex.  
> what should I use with calendar_day ?


> > But remember when you are asking for DateTime
> > object equivilancy you must be exact.  Time Zone and all.  What you have
> Ok, now I know because this didn't work when I tried this morning. Thanks
> again.
> > Hope I haven't confused you further. ;)
> I think I'd preferred the longer version of your message :-))
> However I think I've understood a little more. Now I have to begin a new
> cycle of: code, test, ask_to_Jason^H^H^H^H^HZope mailing list.

Someone helped me once too.  And you'll help someone one day.


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