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Subject: [Zope] Proposal for mail-in to Zope

> So:
> - Within Exim, use the "pipe" transport to get email for a particular
>   host sent to a program on the standard input. If the program called
>   returns certain codes then Exim will queue the message and try again.
> - This program takes the email message and puts it into Zope, probably
>   by calling a DTML Method or something. This would probably be
>   configured by objects in the Zope ZODB which say effectively "When
>   you get email for this address, then call this Method".

Hmm... "takes the email message and puts it into Zope". Using ZClient or
XML-RPC? ZClient is probably the easiest way to go. You'd probably want a
simple script configured in the file system to send the message on to method
in Zope via ZClient. That method will be part of a MailHandler object (or
some such) that can have rules based on the email address that the message
is going to. These rules will likely pass the message on to another method
(probably a PythonMethod, since this is programming we're talking about). It
might be nice if the MailHandler broke the message up into usable fields
instead of a plain text stream. I think there's a python module for doing


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