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> Subject: [Zope] <dtml-tree> <div> issue from this morning.
> The problem is the order.
> Netscape apparently likes to see URLS like
> http://www.my.com/this.html#foo?var=data
> not
> http://www.my.com/this.html?var=data#foo
> It chokes on the first, and is happy with the 2nd.  IE is happy with
> either.  Any chance this can be checked in as a revision to the tree
> code to be tested and confirmed?
> PS - Which is the standard format of the two (as per ww3 or whatnot?)

Neither is "standard" per se -- RFC1808, which deals with URI's, says:

 "Note that the fragment identifier (and the "#" that precedes it) is
  not considered part of the URL.  However, since it is commonly used
  within the same string context as a URL, a parser must be able to
  recognize the fragment when it is present and set it aside as part of
  the parsing process."

However, the first form is recommended in the generic-RL syntax:


and under Recommended Practices, so it would not be _recommended_ to change
the order, although it might be _desirable_


-- Marcus

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