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Subject: [Zope] Virtual host admin under Apache+ZServer+SiteAccess

> On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 06:18:25PM -0600, ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
> >     o Some basic hooks to support virtual hosting (a la
> >       SiteAccess) have been designed and will be added
> >       to allow product authors to write virtual hosting
> >       support without fragile dependencies on parts of
> >       the Zope core.
> Greetings
> For security reasons, I would like to do web administration of remote Zope
> installations via ssh port forwarding.  For instance, while running
>   ssh -g -L
> one can access a ZServer on using  http://localhost:8080/.
> However, I'm using Apache with ZServer and SiteAccess for virtual
> hosting as documented in,
> and this has a nasty implication: once I activate a SiteRoot inside some
> Zope folder "/parrot" for making it the top folder of a virtual host
>, the use of URLs under is forced
> whenever administering content under the "/parrot" folder, even if
> arriving from a document: the browser is then no longer
> connecting through the secure channel but talking directly with
>  Of course this could also be redirected, but not so
> easily.
> In this example, it would be nice to be able to administer the contents
> of either via (typically for less
> sensitive content, end users) or via (more delicate
> administrative tasks, administrators which know how to encrypt
> communication with ssh).  Is there interest (or is it feasible) to make
> virtual hosting support evolve to allow this?  (I didn't think much
> about the implications, but can already notice a problem under the
> virtual hosting strategy above (ZServer+Apache): how to make Zope
> "guess" if it should write absolute URLs for or for
> Even better would be web content administration under SSL, of course :)
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