Some time back I had an exchange with Mike Pelletier regarding SQL methods
and aquisition.

We talked about a URL structure :

Users is a SQL method which takes a single parameter (value = Fred here).

Flavor is another method which takes a single parameters (value = Cherry

test is a dhtml method which returns values pulled from the SQL methods.

I set this test up and it works fine.

One of the effects of aquisition is that the URLs :

are functionally identical in my simple DHTML test method but they might not
be, for instance if both SQLMethods provided a result column "RowID" then
<dtml-var RowID> would contain the ID of whichever SQL method was run last.
Suddenly I'm getting a Users RowID when I expected a Flavor RowID.
Potentially disasterous.

Is there a way to enforce URL's be traversed in a set way? Thus making :

valid while becomes invalid.

Also, assuming that both SQLMethods provide a "RowID", how do I specify
explicitly which one I want, in OO terms :

Users.RowID or Flavor.RowID

All help appreciated.

- Ian Sparks.

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