Evan Simpson:
> I've got a rather crude module going which parses an input string for
> HTML-ish tags.  It allows only tags from an explicit list, and
> ensures that
> non-empty tags are closed (either by complaining or adding closing tags).
> If 'script' is not one of the allowed tags, it also disallows all "On*"
> attributes and "javascript:*" attribute values in any tag.
> Unfortunately, it isn't very efficient (based on sgmllib.py) and is rather
> crude.  I had wanted to make it use SAX to do the parsing, so
> that sgmlop or
> another high-performance library could be plugged in, but never got there.
> Also, it has no DTML-level interface; you'd have to wrap it in an External
> Method to use it from DTML.
> I've gone ahead and put it up at
> http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/SafeHTML to see if anyone can
> make anything of it.

This looks a lot like the code I have lying around, only yours is more
comprehensive and user friendly :)

Anyway, I assume you are familiar with SAX for Python?


It supports sgmlop, like you mentioned.

Your code will do beautifully for our project, we are not dependant upon
fast code in that specific part. Thanks a lot.

Now, can somebody tell me how to help Zope with spitting out XHTML
1.0-compliant tags? :]

Alexander Limi

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