I have the following in an edit method for a custom ZClass.  Everything
seems to be working okay except for that the bobobase_modification_time
doesn't seem to get updated in my catalog (called "article_catalog", not
the default).  

Articles can be added, viewed, and updated, and after this code runs,
all the properties are properly updated (including the bobobase time
stamp).  The problem is that the updated bobobase time stamp is not
reflected in the catalog (in spite of all the other properties being
recataloged properly).

I'm at wits end.  

Anyhow...here's a snippet of the code I'm using:


<!--#with REQUEST-->

<dtml-if "article_status == 'Accepted'">

<!--#call reindex_object-->

<!--#sendmail mailhost="MailHost"--> 
To: Editorial Staff <<dtml-var editorial_staff>>
From: Site Admin <<dtml-var admin_staff>>

The following article was Accepted by <dtml-var editor>.

<dtml-var title>
<dtml-var baseurl>posts/<dtml-var id>


The article was ACCEPTED.
<a href="<dtml-var baseurl>posts/status_list?post_status=Pending">
View list of Pending Stories</a>


As you might suspect, different things are done if the article
post_status is "Rejected" or "Pending".

As I said, the bobobase_modification_time of the article itself is
updated, but the new modification time is not reflected in the catalog.

- deb

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