FR Chalaoux wrote:
> Hi,
> Before I insert 25DM in Beehive for the ZClass book, I would like to
> have your point of view on this book !

One of my colleagues has just finished working through the tutorial.

I asked her a few questions about it. Here are her answers.


> 1: Is the tutorial you've been doing worth 10 quid?

Definitely (though that's not saying it couldn't be improved)

> 2: What skill level is it aimed at?

Ostensibly beginner, but to really understand it I needed to have a
general understanding of Zope (from doing the Zope tutorial), Python (at
absolute beginner level), a bit of DTML (from reading the DTML
reference, and being talked to by a clever person) and HTML. It was
probably also helpful that I had a vague background knowledge of OO
principles, databases and stuff.

So, aimed at ZClass beginners with relevant background knowledge.

> 3: What did you get out of it?

I feel competent to set up a simple interactive application using
ZClasses now.
Security and linking to external databases were outside the scope of the

> 4: Other general comments?

It told a good story, presented coherent examples, built up a little
self-contained system, and generally speaking, taught it well.

However, there  were a few iffy bits: some of the HTML in the examples
was technically incorrect, and the DTML coding style was sometimes
over-verbose and not properly explained. 

My biggest problem using the tutorial was caused by my not realising
that ZClass meta-types are case-sensitive. This was not stressed in the
tutorial - take care!

Overall I'd rate it 8/10, losing points chiefly for poor coding style
and a few inadequate explanations. As a whole, it's been very useful
(and saved the CTO a lot of time talking me through things).


We'll be sending our detailed comments on the explanations, and HTML and
DTML problems, back to Beehive. 

You may also wish to look at the ZCatalog tutorial, the Job-Board
how-to, and the Creating a catalog-aware ZClass how-to.

Also, see what you can find on the Zope Documentation Project pages:

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