I'm currently trying to store all of the Medicine School (I work for) 
events in Zope, using the Calendar product to store them.

I've created from my browser a Zclass which has a propertysheet and some
properties in it, and some DTML methods. I've called this class

I want to create 4 or five other Zclasses which only differ from the first
one by their meta type and the value (not the name) of one of their
properties. For example I want to create ExamEvents, CoursesEvents, and so

Then I want to give permissions to some people to add some type of events
in the database.

For example I want John to be able to add (and delete) both GenericEvents
and ExamEvents, while I want Jane to only be allowed to add CoursesEvents,
and not be allowed to delete CoursesEvents she hasn't created.

I've created my GenericEvent ZClass and it works fine, thanks to Jason
Spisak, but now when I try to create other ZClasses deriving from this
ZClass I can't choose it as the base class for the new classes.

Can I do that from my browser (How ?) or must I do it in python ?

If it's not possible I plan to add the event type as a property of
GenericEvent, but then how can I deal with the different permissions I
need ?

thanks in advance for any hint.

Jerome ALET - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - http://cortex.unice.fr/~jerome
Faculte de Medecine de Nice - http://noe.unice.fr - Tel: 04 93 37 76 30 
28 Avenue de Valombrose - 06107 NICE Cedex 2 - FRANCE

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