I constantly have cookie problem (at least I think it's cookie problem).
I cannot copy/paste. What is worse, the behaviour is a bit inconsistent.

   I have two almost identical installations on two different computers. On
one of them I can do copy/paste almost always. (Sometimes Zope doesn't show
Paste button). On the other computer Zope dosn't show Paste almost always.
   When I reboot Netscape, I can do copy/paste for some short time, and
then Zope again stops showing Paste button.

   To trace the problem I've add cookie module to filtering proxy that I'm
using (http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/proxy.html) and can see the whole
cookie sent/received log. Nothing suspicious in th log - browser sends and
receives __cp cookie (along with other cookies). Example:

   (I do copy:)
|<--!-- Cookie Received

   (I switched to different folder:)
|--!--> Cookie Sent tree-s="eJyLjlZ3hANPW/XYWAAtiQTP";
dtpref_cols="55"; dtpref_rows="15"

   Browser sends all cookies; but Zope doesn't allow Patse :(

   Details, if this can help:
Server1: sun.med.ru; SPARC, Solaris 2.5.1; Zope 2.1.4 (2.1.3 had the
problem, too)

Server2: phd.russ.ru; Pentium, Debian GNU/Linux; Zope 2.1.4.

   Both servers have Zope with additional components: SQL adapters,
SiteAccess, ZNavigator, etc.

   The problem manifests itself whether I use Netscape for Linux or for
Solaris; whether I use proxies or swith to "no proxy - direct connection".

   Few of my freiends here reported the same problem with different
hardware, OSes, browsers, etc.

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