I'm just beginning my journey into Zopeland so please forgive my
ignorance.  I'd like to be able to give users a chance to edit records
found in a table by selecting the desired record's checkbox and then
clicking 'Modify'.  This is similar to the Zope management screen.  I
just don't know how to approach it.

I can get Zope to generate a table and form like this from an SQL
database.  I'm stuck after that.  The form only has one 'action' so how
would I get it to handle the right function depending on the button that
was pushed?  I'm no HTML expert but I've looked around quite a bit for
an answer and I can't seem to find any info on handling multiple submit
buttons.  Can Zope make this any easier?  (using ZClasses, maybe?)  I've
also tried searching through the mail archives but I haven't found
anything yet.  (There are a lot of messages to go through them one at a

|   |Doe            |Jane     |$100.00     |
| X |Doe            |John     |$250.00     |
|   |Haggis         |Meister  |$100.00     |
|   |Zoper          |Doper    |$723.00     |
| +----------+  +----------+  +----------+ |
| |   ADD    |  |  MODIFY  |  |  DELETE  | |
| +----------+  +----------+  +----------+ |


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