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    jiva> I am using XEmacs with it's html mode to work on some dtml code.  I
    jiva> can get it to switch to html mode easily for the dtml stuff even
    jiva> though I'm not naming my files with .html extensions by doing: M-x
    jiva> html-mode  Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I can't get it to do
    jiva> it's indentation on anything unless it's actually *started* in the
    jiva> html-mode (ie: I do a new file with a .html extension)

I just ran into the same problem.  It appears that XEmacs html-mode
parses the html in the buffer.  If it doesn't parse correctly, the
indentation stuff doesn't work.  To see this, try editing something
without any dtml in it -- indentation should work fine.  As soon as
you add <dtml-var standard_html_header> at the top, indentation stops

I guess the fix is to write a dtml DTD for XEmacs html-mode.  Has
anyone already done this?

-- Bob

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