Make "Members"  a DTML Method and inside that method you call a ZSQL 
Method (made previously) that takes the parameter of 'userid=name'. 
Store the name of the member in the cookie and when the visit 
/members/ or /members/name it gets all the data from the SQL Database 
and publishes it any way you want.

Build any other functionality in the "Members" DTML Method to allow 
for /members/name/preferences or any other parameter you want to pass 
it. Just pick it up in an DTML-IF statement and do the rest.

Good luck.


>The thought I had was that "Members" could be a SQL method which takes
>"username" as a parameter, Ian then is passed in as that Username and the
>necessary data is pulled from the DB. This is fine except that I still need
>some other method to render the HTML page for delivery to the user and this
>would extend my url to : www.mysite.com/Members/Ian/rendermethod.
>The other problem with this is that it clutters the root with the Members
>SQLMethod and the rendermethod DTML document. I might start adding more
>URL's like : www.mysite.com/Members/Ian/preferences or
>www.mysite.com/Members/Ian/pastposts and the "preferences" and "pastposts"
>documents would end up in the root too. All these things belong in a Members
>folder, not at the root.
>I'm missing something important, I'd appreciate any enlightenment you could
>bring to this.
>- Ian.

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