Ok, after poking around in the code and debug (!) I finally realized that
the ID being passed to manage_exportObject is not the filename, but the id
of the object to export.

So a couple of examples to clarify:
to export a folder from the top level (root), you can do two things:
1. Check the checkbox and click the Export... button near the bottom of the
screen. This will open the import/export form with the id already filled
in. Simply click Export.
2. Click import/export at the top of the screen and type the name of the
Folder (or other object) you wish to export, then click Export.

You should recieve some positive confirmation telling you the filename.
This will create a file called var/ObjectName.zexp (ObjectName being the
name of the folder or object you chose)

So how do I export everything from root? Ok .. this is a real bugger, I
can't believe it's taken me so long to figure it out (I was first checking
file permissions etc).

Make sure you are in the root folder and then click the Export... button
near the bottom of the screen. LEAVE THE ID BLANK and click Export.

Again a positive confirmation will appear telling you have just created a
file var/.zexp - of course I don't need to remind you (but I will) that the
.zexp file will be hidden on Unix machines as are all . prefixed files.

I think that is hardly intuitive but doesn't seem to cause too many
problems as I couldn't find any posts about it .. Has this just happened in
a recent release, I know some workings to do with XML Exports were added?? 
The help text on the import/export form reads

"You can export Zope objects to a file in order to transfer them to a
different Zope installation. You can either choose to download the export
file to your local machine, or save it in the "var" directory of your Zope
installation on the server."

I think this is very misleading and recommend changing it.



> Hi,
> I'm also getting similar problems, that I can no longer export and it is
> giving me AttributeErrors. I think I've scanned every Zope document but
> cannot find any info. I am running Zope from my own user and not from a
> root account and I have also installed WorldPilot (perhaps related to
> this)?
> Any ideas ... I'll post more details if I find anything, as this is
> delaying a release
> Regards
> Gresh
> !-------------------------
>                    Hi,
>                    My Little Problem :
>                    I have zope version 2.1.6 running on two servers.
>                    I have a folder containing dtml methods and zsqlmethods
> which I want to
>                    import from server A to server B
>                    It doesn't work. It used to work, but not any more. this
> is the error it
>                    throws...
>                    File
> /usr/local/Zope-2.1.6-linux2-x86/lib/python/OFS/ObjectManager.py, line
>                    484, in manage_importObject
>                        (Object: ElementWithAttributes)
>                    File
> /usr/local/Zope-2.1.6-linux2-x86/lib/python/ZODB/ExportImport.py, line
>                    266, in importFile
>                    ExportError: (see above)
>                    Help
>                    Regards
>                    Ronnie

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