Hi, I have two cases where I have a user in Zope and capture information
from them, then need to re-post the data to another page. One case is I am
using WorldPilot and have customized it to have many instances of it,
segregating users into individual companies (a bit like hot office). I have
different instances of WorldPilot and attempt to jump to that instance from
a logon screen as such


The instance of WorldPilot is named the same as Company:
(self.REQUEST['Company']) and the user becomes [EMAIL PROTECTED] I
have no problems with getting the objects, calling the worldpilot object
correctly and passing in my REQUEST object, however there seems to be some
problem with redirection, or setting the base url. I have tried setting this
with REQUEST['RESPONSE'].setBase but with no luck. It seems like I need to
redirect the browser to the correct URL for this to work, but then I lose my
REQUEST object!  Does anyone have any ideas, I think I'm lacking some
understanding of the HTTP protocol, and getting myself deeper and deeper
into a mess !

The other case is where I actually have to read the information from a form
and then perform a HTTP POST to cgi program which handles my email admin.
I'd appreciate any pointers on how to get Python/Zope to perform a HTTP POST
to an external program.

Many Thanks


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