On Thu, 08 Jun 2000, Curtis Maloney wrote:
> Greetings,
>       I'm sure this should be obvious to me... but I can't seem to get this code
> to work.  It's supposed to send you to another page if a var has not been
> passed...
> <dtml-unless parmName>
>   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect('some.url.here')">
> </dtml-unless>
> The problem is, when i test the page, it seems to pass over that that, and
> go right on with the page.  So, I tried to be a little more explicit:
> <dtml-unless "REQUEST.has_key('parmName')">
>   ...
> </dtml-unless>
> Again... goes straight through.  What's going on here?  When I use:
> <dtml-if parmName>
> (as I have done in MANY cases), it always evaluates true if 'parmName'
> exists in the current context.
> Bring out that ol' clue stick, and swing it my directions a few times,
> because I need help.

And worse still,  I've now decided to use the FSSession, and the following 
line is evaluating true when it shouldn't:

<dtml-unless "FSSession.has_key('ReturnerID')">

Since no FSSession keys have been set, this should evaluate FALSE.

What is going on here, people?

Have a better one,

<dtml-var standard_work_disclaimer>

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