> >Hi all,
> >Can I make a plea that the .diff patch that Jonothan Farr posted a 
> >while back be included into the 2.2 release?
> >http://www.zope.org/Members/jfarr/Patches/dtml-in-sv
> I have yet to hear a downside to this patch. I second that motion. 
> The patch has allowed me to clean up my code signifigantly.

While I understand your wanting this, the problem is a little 
deeper than just naming consistency.

The sequence-* names were done that way intentionally to avoid 
consuming possible names and avoid clashes in the standard 
namespace, and changing the convention could cause clashes to 
become effective.

Have you looked at the "named dtml in loop" proposal on the DTML 
wiki on Zope.org?


I think that this proposal would go a long way toward easing the 
spelling issue as well as solving some other pains involving using 
nested dtml-in loops...

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