On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Cary O'Brien wrote:
> Also, couldn't seem to run strace on the zope process.   I 
> started under strace but the system went bezerk opening
> sockets or something.  Is there any way to start a
> single-process non-threaded zope server?

I've noticed this, too, under BSDI 4.1 and FreeBSD 3.4.
When Zserver starts up, something (presumably in a Python
library) opens a separate listen socket on every possible
port number (or something like that).  Then they all go
away except the ones actually in use.

I observed this by the simple expedient of doing a
./start; lsof >tempfile, and seeing all those open sockets.
I discovered this because running with a generic 3.4 kernel
I was getting a 'too many open files' message every time I
started Zope.

It hasn't kept anything from working, so I haven't bothered
to track this any further yet.

Oh, and you can start Zope single threaded by using the -D
switch, I believe.  I'm not sure that will help with the
socket berzerkness <wry grin>.


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