Below is the dtml code for a DTML document I have written
to return the results of any SQL query as an html table in groups of 50. 

Query.QuickSQL() takes as an argument a complete SQL statement.
"sqlStatement" is the REQUEST variable with the SQL statement.

 You can replace the query with your own ZSQL query.

getRes is an external python method, here it is:
def getRes(self, zQry) :
    tvar1 = 'res=self.'+zQry
    exec tvar1
    return tc1
this came out of a function module I wrote
that has all the imports at the top. You may
need to "import sys" for this to work. I don not
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DTML Document Code below
<dtml-var sqlStatement><br><br>
<dtml-with "_.namespace(t1=getRes('Query.QuickSQL()'), t2=Query.QuickSQL())">
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('colList',[])">
<dtml-in t1>
<dtml-call "colList.append([_['sequence-item'],_['sequence-key']])">
<dtml-call "colList.sort()">
<dtml-in t2 size=50 start=query_start>
<dtml-if sequence-start>
<dtml-if previous-sequence>
<a href="<dtml-var URL><dtml-var sequence-query
>query_start=<dtml-var previous-sequence-start-number>">
(Previous <dtml-var previous-sequence-size> results)
</dtml-if previous-sequence>
  <table border=1>
  <dtml-in colList>
  <dtml-let tlist="_['sequence-item']"
  <th><dtml-var tname html_quote></th>
<dtml-let titem="_['sequence-item']">
<dtml-in colList>
<dtml-let tlist="_['sequence-item']"
<td><dtml-var "titem[tcol]" html_quote newline_to_br></td>
<dtml-if sequence-end>
<dtml-if next-sequence>
<a href="<dtml-var URL><dtml-var sequence-query
(Next <dtml-var next-sequence-size> results)
</dtml-if next-sequence>
</dtml-if sequence-end>

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