Thank you for your replys.

Andy > I could then point my browser at the server on 9080 and get the
Andy > page.  However, if I try to do anything else, like go to admin page
or quick
Andy > start documentation, the server raises the following debug message
and the
Andy > browser says that the document returned no data, try again later or
Andy > system administrator  :

Andy > Stack overflow: pid 23282, proc python, addr 0x14085ffe8, pc

Ethan> Which zope did you get? from source, I assume.  If so, what python
are you
Ethan> running?

It's Zope source version 2.1.6.  Python version 1.5.2 configured
with --with-dec-threads.

Dieter> It seem that the thread stack is not large enough and that
Dieter> Python (one of the Python threads) gets a stack overflow.
Dieter> You may try to look into the OS documentation to find, whether
Dieter> you can specify a default thread stack size.

We uped the settings and rebooted, but to no avail.  The current settings
        maxusers = 512
        max-proc-per-user = 512
        max-threads-per-user = 1024
        per-proc-stack-size = 33554432
        max-per-proc-stack-size = 67108864

Dieter> If Python uses Posix threads on your machine, you may find the
Dieter> in the "pthread_create" documentation.

Where abouts is this documentation kept ?


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