The onlyway I can think off, (which doesn't mean its the only way), is to
launch a new window and send a HTML document whose content is JavaScript. It
would either rewrite the original frame or the entire window depending on
you original input and then close itself.

[rh] Hm, even for frames, there is a more zopish way to do this using Phil
Harris' method (using target). Suppose you want to make a text and then
display it in a frameset (this may not have been your original question, but
it is just about the hardest to without javascript)
This bugged me for a long time, so I thought i'd write it down:

make your frameset look something like this:

<frameset rows="100px,*" BORDER=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 FRAMESPACING=0>
  <frame name="title" SRC="page1" SCROLLING=no>
  <frameset cols="150px,*" BORDER=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 FRAMESPACING=0>
    <frame name="content" SRC="content" SCROLLING="NO" NORESIZE>
    <dtml-if input>
       <frame name="text" SRC="<dtml-var input>">
       <frame name="text" SRC="defaultpage">

<form method=post action="some_frameset?input=<dtml-var id>" target="_top">

of course you could complicate this for plain page/frameset etc, but that's
the easy part ;-)



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  Subject: [Zope] redirecting from inside a frame

  I'm attempting to submit a form from inside of a frame, and depending on
the information submitted, redirect to a new page which I no longer want
displayed inside of that frame.  I want the new page to displayed in the
full browser window, but not a new window. Any help would be greatly



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