On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Hung Jung Lu wrote:

> Not to be picky, Ken, but since you are from Digicool... could you take a 
> look at your own message at:
> http://www.egroups.com/message/zope/33350?&start=33322
> (I checked both IE and Netscape, from PC.)
> Lately there have been quite a few mangled messages at egroups. Could you 
> find out what went wrong and let people know how to prevent this kind of 
> mangling? I have heard people saying repeatedly that please do not use 
> HTML-format e-mail messages, did you use HTML format? Or is it related to a 
> particular mail software that you use?

I believe this is because the message i was responding to used a
non-standard character set, and my MUA (email interface, pine) noticed
that and used the same format for my reply.  Evidently egroups doesn't
handle that format well - but you can see the original message if you
click "View source" in the egroups message display page.  (You could also
view it undistorted in the zope.org pipermail archives:



In general i would prefer pine to stick with the standard US-ASCII
character set, and just found the option for setting that (character-set),
so i shouldn't be triggering that problem any more.

(Note that i did *not* post an HTML-formatted message, and avoid that
strenuously - in fact, i'm the one that (at some urging from michel, but
with full agreement) put the prohibition against HTML in the list footers.  
However, my message did contain an HTML fragment in it, as an example -
which, sadly, the egroups archives shows unescaped - the pipermail
archives don't make that mistake...)


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