The Zope 2.1.6 <dtml-in> provides batching information for
the previous batch at the start and end of the sequence.
Batching information for the following batch, however, is
only available at sequence end.
This makes it difficult to provide uniform navigation
(to previous/next batch) both before and after the

Moreover, if the current batch size is "1" (e.g. size=1), then
<dtml-in> provides batch info for the following batch
only for the sequence's first element. For all other
elements only previous batch information but no following
batch information is available. This is a bug.

<dtml-in> provides modes "previous" and "next" that do not
render the sequence but only provide the respective batching
The problem with this solution is redundancy: the same
parameters must be given to "<dtml-in previous>", "<dtml-in>"
and "<dtml-in next>" to obtain reliable information.
This is error prone and makes it difficult to separate
navigation (for different sequences with different <dtml-in> parameters)
in a general navigation method.

The patch at

provides uniform batching information both at the start and
at the end of the sequence. A batch size of 1 is correctly


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