On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 09:47:54AM -0700, Mike Mikkelsen wrote:
> My Zope (2.1.6) installation has just become *very* unstable.  My most recent
> addition has been ZPatterns and LoginManager.  My passwords for my virtual
> sites (using SiteRoot) are no longer accessable by my account and superuser
> can't access them.  The site "disappears" three or four times a day without
> errors.  And clicking on Product Management link sometimes returns "No Data"
> notice in the browser and then Zope crashes.
> This is the error that shows up on the console when going to Product Management
> or accessing the subdir that holds the subdir that has LoginManager:
> <date> ERROR (200) ZODB Couldn't Load State for
> '\000\000\000\000\000\000\002\017'
> I'm exporting the sites now and am going to (I guess) re-install zope and all
> of the products. >8-/
> Are there any other options?
> Any ideas on what went wrong?
> Is their a way to fix a corruption in the ZODB?

Have a look at Ty Sarna's Tranalyzer:


which can tell you where your Data.fs is in trouble. You then can try and
repair your Data.fs file by truncating the file at the point of corruption.
For more details see the Disaster Recovery + Avoidance How-To at:


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