MountedFileStorage 0.02 is now available.

Changes in Release 0.02:

  New help files.

  You can now use MountedFileStorage to create new ZODB files. 
  Nitty-gritty is in the file - quite possibly
  useful to people doing other sorts of mounted storages. Note 
  the patch in no_repeat_metatypes.patch - not essential, but will
  stop your 'add' menus getting bloated to hell.

README follows:

MountedFileStorage, 0.02.

Ok, so the DC guys have been talking about allowing multiple ZODB support,
but I couldn't see a way to use it. A bit of trawling through the CVS and 
I found the guts of a MountedItem object which has now been removed. Using
that as inspiration and a source of pointers, I've bolted together a really
simple Product for mounting multiple ZODB files onto a Zope installation. 

You should also check out the 
section of the ZODB Wiki.

First of all, you need to be running a really really recent
"CVS": version of Zope. 2.2alpha1 isn't 
good enough. Then install this product (it unpacks in 

Sample usage:

  Select 'Mounted FileStorage' from the product add list.

  For 'file' put nifty.fs. Leave 'path' blank, and put 'nifty' as the id, 
  click 'create'.

  You've now got an empty ZODB installed.

_WARNING_: This is really really untested stuff. It Works For Me. Not
To Be Taken Internally. Do Not Come Crying To Me If It Breaks Your
Zope Install.

If you want to play with this stuff, you really should back up your
Data.fs _first_.

For more info, see the online Help. In particular, check out the known
bugs and problems section.

Security Issues: There probably are some. I've no idea what they might
be. The product makes a really simple-minded effort to not allow badness
through (any filename with a '/' or '\' in it). Don't give access to the
permission 'Mount FileStorages' to anyone that you don't trust, though.
Note that this includes anyone with Manager role on the system. Note also,
though that you can only mount existing files that are in var/. 

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