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Subject: Re: [Zope] Traversable DTML methods

> Dieter is right, DTML methods can get parameters from the URL but they
> do it in the same way as SQLMethods and that, to answer Kevins question,
> what I mean by making DTML Methods "traversable" (apologies if my
> terminology is off).
> I'd like to be able to pass a parameter to a "members" DTML method with a
> syntax like :

Ahh... Your terminology was correct. I was thinking more in terms of the
traversing functionality offered by PythonMethods. If it's doing nothing
more than passing parameters, that seems fine to me. I was thinking more of
getting into these ugly scenarios where you do things like:

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('params', _.string.split('/', url_remainder))">
<dtml-if "params[0] == 'foo'">
...do something


That would get evil fast.

The one reason that may still exist for not making DTML Methods traversable
as you're suggesting would be if you want to call a DTML Method within the
acquisition context of another... something that some people may want to do
(I never have though). If a DTML Method chops off everything that follows in
the URL, then that remaining part of the URL can't be used for acquiring
other methods.


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