The user/passwd@SID is the correct format. Zope, however, probably has
no clue about your environment variables. I would recommend looking at
the start-up script for Zope and adding the environment variables in
there (ORACLE_HOME is quite important, for one.)


"Bak @ kedai" wrote:
> hullo everybody,
> i want to access data on oracle server that resides on a remote machine.  i've
> installed oracle 8i(client side only) for linux on a redhat6.2 and managed to
> compile ZOracleDA with no problems.  i can connect ok from sqlplus and the test
> script that comes with ZOracleDA can import and connect to the remote database
> server OK.  however,  i can't create a ZOracleDA connection.
> what's the connection string?  i've tried user/passwd@myora_SID -
> this barfed out connection "Invalid connection string:
> emedia/emedia123@nstdb"
> user/passwd crashed zope.
> i think my environment is all set since i can connect from sqlplus and the
> ZOracleDA test script runs ok.
> what more should look at?  pointers/docs accepted.
> p/s - i'm a Oracle newbie and not the DBA for the server that i want to access.
> i d/l DCOracleDA, compiled it, ran the test script successfully and stopped at
> that since i'm not quite sure what to do next
> thanks
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