well the system run now but as i told before if i put a <dtml-call
FSSession> in all my pages, FSSession open one session for page
everytime i load it. So the cart result everytime containing only the
last item and the files created contain the values.
If i put <dtml-call FSSession> only in the first document of the e-comm
section it works well, but the file created do not contain the values,
seems to remain in MEMORY.

Should I make some kind of call to FSSession UID in the pages to let the
FSSession to recover the right session and not to open a new one?
Becouse the problem seems to be in fact that the FSSession is not able
to recover the correct ID of the file (from cookie).

I made some try and if i use the site passing via Roxen web server
through the PCGI the cookie is all another becouse the browser has a
cookie that was set from another application on the same server so the
browser seems to pass only that cookie and not the SessionUID cookie.
I tried to clean all my cookies and it worked fine if a go directly to
my pages not passing from the pages that generate the other cookie.

If i pass directly from the Zope port to access the resource it is ok...

Have some ideas to let the browser pass the cookie in a right way? 
I think we can work on the PATH but i don't know how.
Thanks for help.

Hung Jung Lu wrote:
> >From: Pavlos Christoforou <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Marcello Lupo wrote:
> > > 1) Is necessary to call FSSession in every document of the site Yes it
> >is neccessary beacuse HTTP is stateless. It will only start a new
> >session if FSSession cannot find a valid UID either through a cookie or a
> >FORM or as part of te URL
> Pavlos: this is the part that is confusing to newbies. FSSession can be made
> in such a way that this initial call can be avoided. HappySession works that
> way: no need for explicit initialization. Matter of fact, in the very first
> call to the HappySession (any dictionary method), it does the initialization
> itself behind the scene. FSSession can do the same thing.
> It's a minor detail, but anything to make a newbie's life easier is worth
> it. :)
> regards,
> Hung Jung
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