Hi there!

I have a little problem here: I created two ZClasses, where one is derived
from the other, let's say A is the superclass and B the subclass.

In both classes I created a dtml method called foobar().

Now when I have an instance of B, called b, and I call foobar on it,
as in 

<dtml-with b>
<dtml-var "foobar()">

and I want to call A's foobar() method inside B's foobar() method, how do I do this?

(Actually I have two methods which show forms to fill out and I B's form contains
more. So I want to make B's form to show also the contents of A's form without
copying the code.. Thus I simply want to call A's method to show his part of the

In Python I would write

class A:
    def foobar(self):
        do something;

class B(A):

    def foobar(self):
        do something more;

but with ZClasses it seems to be different (I hope it's possible at all.. ;-)

Any ideas?


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