At 8:32 AM +0200 6/13/2000, D Swart wrote:
>I am trying to motivate the use of Zope / Zcommerce, and to do this need
>some timing ideas - Does anyone have thoughts on how long (man hours per
>expertise) it took them to go from no Zope to (Zope + Steve Spickelmire and
>Co's EMarket) and to a successful transaction?

 From 0 to Zope in under 6.2 seconds! :)

If you are totally new (no Zope in your blood) here is what I would 
expect. This does take into account that you know "something" about 
programming and variables and really good HTML as well as some server 
stuff (how to set up, IP addresses, shell scripts). I have put what 
it would take a Zopista in parenthesis (not me though, I only play 
one on the web).

1 day (1 hour) - Install Zope
1 day (done) - Download, print, read all guides and "howtos"
5 Days (2 days) - To get a basic site up and running. Log in, look 
and feel, tested, management, feel the power of Zope
1 day (2 hours) - Set up database backend and connect
5 days (2 days) - Build catalog system, Z SQL Methods, etc
2 days (2 days) - testing, testing, testing

This is very rough but should be around the amount of time. This does 
mean full "developing days" which are about 10-14 hours. I don't know 
about transactions so you might want to pad it a bit. I will say 
though, that once you get into developing with Zope you realize just 
how fast you can develop new products with it. It is an amazing 
working environment.


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