Oh goodness, I fear that this isn't going to be anywhere near as easy as I
might have hoped!

Thanks for the good questions.

> Its not quite clear to me what you want to do...
> Which application/OS do you want to save it with?
> what _exactly_ do you want?

It is a macromedia director shockwave file, that exports a picture file to
my server Zope, zserver on win98.  The shockwave will be embedded in a
webpage served on a page served by zope in fact it is already there:

Hit the enter button and it saves a file!  yeah right, hehe...

I have it so that it is supposed to save a file "test.jpeg"  hoping that it
would just save into that directory.

no luck... I am not sure whether the problem lies on the zope or Director
side of things.  The director file works locally but I have never had it
work as a shockwave file.

As for which of these protocols it would use, I am undure, the first I would
guess. however it would have to happen behind the scenes, and I would then
want to be able to refer to these files from zope.

> - http multipart file upload? -> make yourself a file upload form (see
> doc on how to do this)
> - ftp ? direct your ftp-client to port 8021 of you zope machine
> - http/webdav -> direct your webdav-client to port 8080 of your machine
> you're using zserver, port 80 if apache)

ok this sounds good too, perhaps this is what it is doing already?

> - filesystem (samba) ? -> install product LocalFS and scan its
> documentation. it lets you use files in the server's filesystem from zope.

Thanks for your time,

josh on

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