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Very cool.

Would it be possible for NIP to include a reply feature like in Egroups?

I tell you how I operate with the newsgroups. Which might be common to a lot 
of people.

(1) I browse on Egroups. I don't want to receive thousands of messages 
directly from mailing lists.

(2) When I feel like I want to post some thing, I use my e-mail account.

(3) I use Egroups so I can generate a reply-quoted message (lines starting 
with the > symbol), I cut and paste to my e-mail account, I send off the 

Egroups is pretty good at that. The part that is slowing me down is the 
e-mail address mangling.

If NIP can offer a reply-quoted-message, that'll be great. If it can offer 
membership so I can browse and reply from NIP directly, that'll be even 
better. :) Nowadays, for posting messages to the Zope list, I have to have 3 
browser windows open: I simultaneously access Egroups, Zope.org and my 
Hotmail accounts. Not an easy life. But that's still a heck lot better than 
receiving 1000 messages per day from all the lists that I frequent. :) If 
NIP can help me to bring down the number of browsers windows to 2, or 1, 
that'll be really nice. :)

For now, I still have to rely on Egroups to generate the reply-quoted 
message. I guess I'll use it in combination with NIP or the AIMS group. I 
hate the black background color of AIMS group, by the way. :)


Hung Jung

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