Aaron Payne writes:

> At 04:59 pm 6/13/00 +0000, Jason Spisak wrote:
>  >Try just searching using a form that searches
> >the exact same proerty as the prgramatical search...example:
> ><dtml-in "Catalog(vendor='MyVendor')">
> ><dtml-var id>
> ></dtml-in>
> This search finds vendor. cool.


> ><form action="CatReport" method="get">
> ><h2><dtml-var document_title></h2>
> ><tr><th>Vendor</th>
> ><td><input name="vendor"
> >width=30 value=""></td></tr>
> >
> ><tr><td colspan=2 align=center>
> ><input type="SUBMIT" name="SUBMIT" value="Submit Query">
> ></td></tr>
> ></table>
> ></form>
> The form above works.  When I add a second field, the search fails.


>  You 
> can't search the catalog for more than one item at a time? 

Yes.  You can, actually.  I do it everyday.  I am stumped on this one.

> Here is another 
> note: When I update the catalog in the management interface the search will 
> work with criteria from only one of the two fields.
> 1. add an instance to the catalog
> 2. enter one or more search criteria into form with more than two fields
> 3. search fails to find old or new objects in catalog
> 4. update the catalog in the management interface
> 5. enter one or more search criteria into form with more than two fields
> 3. search finds matches in catalog

I have had this happen on occassion.  I have never really figured out what
causes old instances to dissapear like that.  I think it happened when I
called reindex_object on something directly though.  I would chuck this
into the Collector.  Or better yet, check out a CVS version or 2.2.0b1
download and try the same forms there.  Just copy you Data.fs over and see
if the Catalog acts the same.  Michel P. may have fixed this already.

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