I've been reading through the docs, howtos, etc but haven't found an
answer to this question.  I was hoping someone could help me out.  Is
it possible to use the default ZODB store for everything EXCEPT a
custom built ZClass?  or, even better is it possible to tell Zope not
to store more than one copy of my custom ZClass?

I have about 400 objects that are updated every ten minutes.  Needless
to say, Data.fs grows a little faster than I'd like.  I'm only
changing about 5 attributes of each object and multiple versions of
the object aren't important to me.

I've seen some of the alternatives to the ZODB, but I'm not looking to
replace the entire ZODB.  I think ZODB is great and I don't want to
lose that functionality for the rest of my website.  Any pointers to
the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

As a last ditch effort, I was thinking of just writing the attributes
that change to a database (probably MySQL).  My custom ZClass is
really a custom python class so I can just add the appropriate python
code to my python class.   I was hoping that there might be a more
transparent way of doing this so I don't have to go and change my
existing python class.  :) 


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