Hello everyone,

I am writing a folderish class (in Python) that gets its objects from a 
database using SQL. I want to call the object as follows:


What needs to be done? The Folderish class should contain something like a 
getObject class that is automatically called when an ObjectID is passed. 
The getObject method then executes a SQL statement getting the object from 
the DB and does an R2O (relational to object) mapping, which is trivial.

So what am I asking? Is there such a method already defined, that gets an 
object from a folderish object? What is its name, so I can redefine it? I 
found two potential methods called __getitem__ and _getObj in the Zope 
code. Is it one of them?
That let's me ask: How does the URL traversal get objects inside other objects?

Right now I am developing that Product for a specific purpose, but I see 
great potential in generalizing it, so that all types of Zope objects can 
be saved in a database table. This would be different from the current 
SQLStorage product though, since it does not save pickle files in the DB, 
but the actual values with their correct type, which would make it much faster.

Stephan Richter
CBU - Physics and Chemistry
Web2k - Web Design/Development & Technical Project Management

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