On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Cesar A. K. Grossmann wrote:

> "Update (10/30/99): Zen has posted a product that has more functionality
> than UserDB, called GenericUserFolder. "
> Well, looks like the GenericUserFolder is more advanced. So I go to its
> page. In it there are another observation:

But do you want advanced? If you just want to store your authentication
information, UserDB is just fine - moving to GenericUserFolder in
this case may just cause you troubles, as more advanced also means 
more complicated.

UserDB is a simple user adaptor that is all you need if you are
storing your usernames, passwords and roles etc. in the one central
RDBMS. GenericUserFolder is what you have to move to if you are
in a more peculiar environment or want to use Radius authentication.
LoginManager supports all the functionality of GenericUserFolder,
but is still in developmental stages and probably not recommended for
production sites but may be the perfect choice if you don't plan going
production right now.

> I'm looking for a sequence of steps needed to configure and use the
> LoginManager. How to add users? How to add local roles? How to integrate
> it whith LDAP (not for now, but in the future)? How to use a RDBMS
> server, like PostgreSQL, to store the accounts (in case I cannot put
> LDAP up an running)?

Sounds like you would be happiest with UserDB for now and migrating
to the LDAP Adaptor in the future. Or if you wait long enough before
migrating to LDAP, you will probably find LoginManager supports LDAP
out of the box with no coding.

> I'm not a Python programmer, and I have a limited knowledge of Zope and
> DTML, and my english is only better than your portuguese...

Both GenericUserFolder and the current incarnation of LoginManager
require fairly in depth DTML knowledge unless you follow a cheat sheet
(check the HOWTO's on zope.org).

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