In an attempt to solve the very same problem (Get a list of all users with
certain role) I created an external method. It walks up the acquisition path,
at each level checking the existing acl_users (if it exists) for all users with
the role.

I can't say this it is the best way to do it, but it worked for me.

Here's the code:
from App.Common import aq_base

def getUserIdsWithRole(self, role):
 "Get all userids having a role. Local roles on self are considered too."
 while 1:
     if hasattr(aq_base(item), 'acl_users') and hasattr(item.acl_users,
         for user in item.acl_users.getUsers():
                 if user.has_role(role, object=self):
     if not hasattr(item, 'aq_parent'):
 return keys

Hope this helps,

Geoff Gardiner wrote:
> I want to show all users who have certain roles / and or permissions (Zope
> 2.1.6). I can't see how to do this directly, because I can't see how to get
> hold of user objects, which I need to carry out has_permission, etc.,
> methods.
> I can show the userids of all valid users:
> <dtml-in get_valid_userids>
>   <dtml-let uid=sequence-item>
>     <dtml-var uid><br>
>   </dtml-let>
> </dtml-in>
> but I can't get all actual user objects because getUsers is a method valid
> only for an identified User folder, and doesn't have acquisition.
> Should I just go in and code a new get_valid_users in the style of
> get_valid_userids, or is there another way? Perhaps there would be a
> security implication (I can't think what) but that's not a major issue for
> me at the moment.
> Thank you,
> Geoff

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