I have set up a site:


In this site, there are a few virtual hosts:

   www.host1  --> www.site/Host1
   www.host2  --> www.site/Host2

Thanks to a nice access rule, both the left and right names can be
used to refer to the information. So far so good.

In www.site/Host1 I have define a navigation bar dtml method 
to show some important check points in the host.

Question: How do I make relative URLs in the navigation bar work so
that they work under all circumstances. E.g. if I have a "People"
Folder under "Host1" listed in the navigation bar, I'd like to see
that the link shows up as follows:

If I am looking at page:    "People" should link to:
 http://www.host1/              People     or  http://www.host1/People
 http://www.host1/News          ../People  or  http://www.host1/People
 http://www.site/Host1          People     or  http://www.site/Host1/People
 http://www.site/Host1/News     ../People  or  http://www.site/Host1/People

I have not been able to produce this effect using either BASE0..N or


Rob Hooft

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