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But to answer, exporting and importing works just fine if you want to
copy parts of an existing zope site.  It even works recursively, so if
you want to export an entire folder of stuff (or Squishdot site) with
subfolders, properties, etc., just go to its enclosing folder's
"Import/Export" management tab, and follow the directions for
exporting.  This will create a .zexp file.

To import into the new Data.fs file, put the .zexp file you have created
into your [where zope is installed]/import folder on your hard drive. 
Then open the new site's management interface for zope and go to the
same Import/Export tab and use the Import part.

If you have 2 Data.fs files and only 1 zope, you can switch back and
forth between them (stopping and restarting Zope in between so terrible
things do not happen) by moving one and then the other into the
appropriate var directory to do exporting, or importing as you want. 
Copies of the original files will come in handy if you confuse easily
like me.

-- Jim Washington

>Well, I meant that I have some products w/ data setup in the new .fs.  If I copy the 
>>old over then I loose what I am currently working on.
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>       I have a Data.fs file from a previous instal of Zope.  How can import parts of 
>>that data base to a current data.fs?
>       I have a product setup in the old .fs that I want to use in the a 
>>squishdot for instance.

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