Don't fret I just replicated you paradox and you can fix the problem.  I just
have to remember what I did, please bear with me.

I created a version in a folder.
I entered the version
I then went to undo (while still in the version) and undid the version

wham I'm stuck in a non-existant version

I logged out of zope
I logged in as the superuser dude
I went to the folder
I recreated the same version (same name etc)
I went to the control panel
I went to Version Management
I disgard the version

wham I'm unstuck

Let me know if this helped....


"Baker, Dennis [sjmr]" wrote:

> No luck,  Maybe I'm describing my problem wrong,  When I go to manage Zope
> The header at the top says "
>    Folder at / * (/Developement%20Site)
>                ^ (This is the version Symbol)
> It doesn't Say that I am working in a version otherwise.  Then if I attempt
> to create a new version I get the following error:
>   Error Type: VersionLockError
>   Error Value: ("'\\000\\000\\000\\000\\000\\000\\000\\002'",
> '/Developement%20Site')
> I can create a version in a subfolder,  and subfolders don't have the
> "Folder at" stuff all messed up.  Unfortunately this is my production server
> too,  not my testing server.
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> Subject: Re: [Zope] Version Paradox
> >I've inadvertently created a version paradox.  I created a version and
> >joined it,  then I realized that I did a stupid naming mistake I tried to
> >UNDO the creation of the version.  It allowed me to undo the creation of
> the
> >version,  however I was in the version at the time,  and now I am stuck in
> >the version and cannot get out.  I cannot create a version of the same name
> >and delete it either.  I am stuck.  HELP !!
> >
> >How can I exit a version that doesn't exist?
> >
> I believe that versions are based on cookies and that removing the culprit
> will unlock your paradox
> cb
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