>In the way of PCGI work.
>PCGI Wrapper sends request to PCGI Application throught INET port.
>This is what mention on ZAG document.
>However, it also has a note said that the PCGI Wrapper is capable of
>launching the PCGI application, if it is not currently running
>My problem is, how to found out that the PCGI application is not running
>and which cause the PCGI Wrapper to launch it instead?
>My situation is like this:
>I setup Zope communicate with IIS.  However, after I use the
>the var/pcgi.pid got changed.  As the ZAG document mention above, it
>looks like
>after the Zope server startup... somehow, the PCGI Application (is it
>pcgi_publisher.py?) dead/shutdown.  Which makes PCGI Wrapper
>(pcgi-wrapper.exe?) to launch its own one.  Hence, a new proccess with
>different PID.  Since it is a different proccess, it is not allow to
>touch the Database file and cause me get the error message "Could not
>lock the database file"  Am I right on this?

yes, I suppose so

>If this is the situation, how do I check to make sure the PCGI
>Application actually dead or not response after Zope start up?
>What can I do to check what cause it to close?

check the services, and the task/processes list in NT as to what is running.
Do you have any old copies of Zope running, that could be in the way?
You should (once more) check your Zope registry key.
IIRC it's CURRENT_CONTROL_SET/Services/Zope under the Parameters item (don't
have an NT machine here to check). Perhaps there is some information in  the
relevant ZBook draft on the ZDP site

(sorry for the long url, it'sprobably wrapped)

>Thanks very much for your time

Oh, and one more option (and perhaps not the worst): you could try and
reinstall Zope (stop service, doubleclick the Unwise.exe in your zope home
and reinstal zope). In any way you'll know if it's working from a clean

Good luck

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