A couple of quick things.

First, thanks for pointing out a problem in my documentation.

That said, what the docs don't make clear is that the posted install
docs are only for the new ZMySQLDA-1.2.0. If you are using
ZMySQLDA-1.1.4, please read the docs in the package, as they are a bit

If you do go down the 1.2.0 route, to run the import test you'll need to
do this:

bash# python
Python 1.5.2 ...
Copyright ...
>>> import _mysql

Just doing:
bash# python import _mysql 
won't ever work. If you want to do it that way, you'd have to do:
bash# python -c 'import _mysql'


Ted Townsend wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm attemptimg to get the 'ZMySQLDA-1.1.4-nonbin.tar.gz' instlled --
> but, could use some help.
> if I simply follow the install directions on
> 'http://yyy.zope.org/Members/mordred/ZMySQLDA/ZMySQLDA-1.1.4-nonbin.tar.gz/INSTALL'
> then zope shows it a broken install (although it shows) -- it could not
> find _mysql module. I repeated the process several times -- customizing
> thepaths in 'Setup.in' to reflect my system (redhat 6.1
> paths=/usr/lib/mysql and /usr/include/mysql). I could not run 'python
> import _mysql' -- it 'could not open obect import'
> I am in a corner. Any sugestions or ideas?
> Thanks,
> Ted
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