Hello once again (sorry for bothering so much)

I've found the solution for part of the question I wrote some minutes ago :)

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}        ^zope\.server\.com\.br
RewriteRule ^(.*)               /zope$1 [P,R]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}        ^iis\.server\.com\.br
RewriteRule ^(.*)               /iis$1 [P,R]

ProxyPass /zope/ http://www.server.com.br:8080/
ProxyPassReverse /zope/ http://www.server.com.br:8080/

ProxyPass /iis/ http://www.server.com.br:8060/
ProxyPassReverse /zope/ http://www.server.com.br:8060/

That did the job of the correct URL reassignment between apache/IIS/ZServer.

But the Proxy Static Cache issue still continue. I did not understand very well
the explanation given in the Apache WebSite 
under the section "On-the-fly Content-Regeneration", which gives the following

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}   !-s
RewriteRule ^page\.html$          page.cgi   [T=application/x-httpd-cgi,L]

What this means? Maybe that for each static page.htm that I want I need a separate
page.cgi? Is this only cgi-compliant? Can it be linked with the Proxy? Or maybe
I am completely wrong and the Proxy alone is able to do the Static Cache I need?
Just to be more specific: I will have content that will change only on a daily
basis, so I do not want the ZServer to dinamically generate the same page all
day long. If the Rewrite or the Proxy modules could handle the cache of the
page it will be very handy as I will not have to use Squid and can stay with
the Apache alone.


>Hello again. More problems to be solved :)
>Now I've been trying some exotic things:) The tests are still going on in a

>NT machine.
>Here's what I'd like to do : I have installed Apache for NT (yes, I know it's

>still beta but I am waiting for a new Linux server that will be here in a few

>days :) on default port 80. I also configured IIS to be on port 8090 and ZServer

>to be on it's default port 8080.
>I'd like to do the following things using the Rewrite module : Point zope.server.com

>to www.server.com:8080 and point iis.server.com to www.server.com:8090. I tried

>things like these:
>RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}       ^zope\.server\.com
>RewriteRule ^(.*)              http://zope.server.com:8080$1 [R]
>But if I do this the user will see http://zope.server.com:8080/page.htm written

>in his's browser instead of http://zope.server.com/page.htm, which I'd prefer.

>I am trying to ally this to the Proxy Reverse module to accomplish this result

>(and I wouldn't like to use the pcgi version of Zope, I prefer to try ZServer).

>The ProxyPass alone do part of the job, when Zope has the Site Access Product,

>but cannot accomplish all of these goals.
>The other thing is that I'd like to add the static cache feature of the Rewrite

>module. Something as the following example:
>RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}   !-s
>RewriteRule ^page\.html$          page.cgi   [T=application/x-httpd-cgi,L]

>I'll use the pcgi version if there's no other way and I still want the URL
>feature (zope.server.com instead of www.server.com:8080). If all these really

>work fine maybe the Apache could be a better alternative to Squid, mainly because

>of it's well known robustness, flexibility and log accuracy.
>Maybe some of the things I am trying to do will be impossible, but it's exciting

>trying to do such things :) If someone know some of these features (mainly,

>I'd like to know more about the static cache feature and Rewrite+ProxyPass
>And the NT machine is still just for tests, so maybe the Linux version of Apache

>can give me more flexibility as I am already used to it.
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