Sounds good to me.

I started working with 2.2b1 because of these issues and everything I'm
using works okay except that the ZSQLMethods I have in one of my ZClasses
could not access properties from the properties sheet.  It keeps asking for
authentication and without it comes back with unauthorized...not allowed to
access 'db_name' (one of the string properties).  Is that addressed/fixed in
2.2.b2 or is there some permissions change in the 2.2 series that is causing

I'm excited about the changes in 2.2, but until I better understand how the
new permissions work, I don't want to upgrade any production servers.


Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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> Hi guys,
> First of all, I'd like to apologize for the pain factor here -
> there has been some CM process changes around here and the
> 2.1.x branch is suffering as a result :(
> I have a proposal, however, that I hope will make this much
> easier. How about if we:
>   o release a "Product" today that, if you install it and
>     restart your Zope (no matter what version), patches the
>     hole at runtime (in memory change only).
>   o retract the 2.1.7 release in favor of getting 2.2 beta 2
>     out on Monday, which doesn't have the cruft problem of
>     the 2.1.x branch and contains all fixes to date (and
>     which will fix SQLMethod problems and support the SiteAccess
>     release that Evan is making today).
> I can have the new "hotfix" product ready by 12:00pm EST today.

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