can i replace javascript with python/DTML. I have used drop down menus in
the pages using javascript. Is these available in Zope or is there some
way of using these.
Is there some book released on zope/DTML for reference. 
Does this mean a complete rewrite of the code is required of all the
javascript and cgi files , or is there some method to convert them to
On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Richard Folwell wrote:

> Hi Rajil,
> >  I want to transfer a whole website containg javascript/html/cgi on
> >  zope. how do i do it. is it possible.
> You would have to re-write the scripts, using DTML/Python as appropriate.  The HTML 
>remains the
> same.
> >  Do i need to have zope on the ISP for my zope website to run.
> Yes.
> >  I only have ftp access on my ISP. Which files should i transfer so that
> >  the zope application works. btw i couldnot locate the files/database on my
> >  system about the webiste i am building. where is the database for the
> >  application kept.
> You will definitely need an ISP that provides Zope support before you can do this.  
>The Zope
> database is normally:
> <your Zope root>/var/Data.fs
> >  I donot know python but do know perl, can i add modules to zope in perl.
> There are plans to provide Perl support, but this is for the future.  For the moment 
>learn Python -
> if you already know Perl then it will be straightforward, since they cover similar 
> Python has some advantages over Perl, particularly for larger development works.
> Hope that helps,
> Richard
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