Thanks, this is great info.

I was planning on developing with ZPatterns but haven't downloaded or
began yet. I wasn't aware that a Rack could do that. Cool.

I don't mind going to a RDBMS if necessary, but if possible I like
sticking with Zope/ZODB.

Does anyone have an eta on BTrees for ZODB?

Jimmie Houchin

Kevin Dangoor wrote:
> [snip]
> > My databases will have millions of objects in what would/will be single
> > table/folders. From what I understand ZODB doesn't currently do big
> > folders well.
> >
> > So I guess my question is, should I continue with the SQL and the RDBMS
> > or is there a solution that I don't know about or understand with ZODB?
> As Shane mentioned, there's a BTreeFolder in the works. Additionally, you
> can use the "Rack" from ZPatterns. If you design for a Rack, you can switch
> to an RDBMS later on without having to change your application code. But,
> you might not need to switch to an RDBMS, because the current Rack
> implementation can store objects using BTrees within the ZODB. So,
> theoretically, you can have great big piles of objects within a single Rack.
> Unfortunately, ZPatterns is still very new and there is not a lot of
> documentation. But, when you start playing with it, things become a bit
> clearer.
> Kevin
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