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> Subject: [Zope] Worldpilot and imap problem
> Looking through the archives I couldn't find anything which semed
> quite relevant, so:
> I'm currently running Linux mandrake 7.02 and have enabled the IMAP
> (4.7-7) server. I can read/write mail via netscape using imap, so I
> presume the setup is OK. (Although i can't quite get pine to talk to
> it, maybe something isn't quite right).
> Unfortunately, whenever I log onto worldpilot (and yes I have edited
> the file) the hourglass appears, presumably while attempting
> to fetch my mail and top shows me a python process running as zope,
> chewing up anything up to 80-90% of the CPU. All that seems to work is
> restarting zope.

I would guess that you are using the Washington University IMAP daemon,
which has unfortunately chosen to treat your entire home directory as
a possible mailbox -- what is probably happening is that you are not
really hung, but are stuck running stat() on every file under your home

To test this, add a new, bogus user to your system, and clean out
any "skeleton" cruft from ~/bogus.  Try logging in to WorldPilot -- if
that works, then you need to search the archives from February for
notes on WU IMAP.

> Trimming the contents of my mailbox down to just 6 messages didn't
> seem to make any difference.
> Anyone shed any light?
> Oh yes, I have applied the patch to the python library.

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