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Subject: [Zope] ZODB or not ZODB?

> My question is where is the best place to store the documents themselves?
> They will be static HTML documents ranging from 1-50Kb in size roughly.
> There will probably be at least 10,000-15,000 of these documents in the
> library once all is said and done.
> In my mind I have three options:
> 1. Store them on the filesystem.
> 2. Store them in a PgSQL table as blobs.
> 3. Store them as DTML Docs in the ZODB.
> Is ZODB up to the task of storing this quantity of objects? What problems
> might I run into? Is it a wise idea, could a data.fs file of this size
> (~3-400MB) become too easily corrupted? Should I use a separate data.fs
> just to store the documents (ie using mountedFileStorage)? Or is it better
> to use method #1 or #2? Information from anyone with experience in this
> regard is greatly appreciated.

There are people who have experience with giant ZODBs... some people have
run into the 2GB ext2fs file size limit. My Data.fs has been around ~100MB.
FileSystem Storage is really quite stable, and is not likely to get
corrupted no matter what the size. If you need to store the docs in multiple
drives, you can use the mountable storages to set up another file on the
other disk.

One thing to be aware of: 10-15K documents is too much for a single Folder.
You either want to break the docs up into multiple folders, or hang on for
the BTreeFolder product.

One other nice thing about storing in the ZODB: it's pretty easy to make
your documents automatically add themselves to the ZCatalog. No need to
manually update the indexes. (This would be true of PgSQL, but not the fs.)


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